Big Data & Data Governance 

Big Data sets are characterized by the exponential development in the volume, speed and variety of data that can be processed and exploited. The phenomenon, still poorly described, is based on technological innovations that overlap (development of the Internet, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, hybrid supercomputers, distributed file systems, etc.) and which as a result constantly increase the volume of data available. The benefits and economic spinoffs are particularly important in this revolutionary digital age.

Building a Big Data project involves taking into account a complex environment, both in technical and legal terms. The reason is that these projects must take into account highly diverse issues (cyber-security, data protection, competition law, intellectual property, database law, etc.).

DEROULEZ AVOCAT supports its customers in implementing the following tools:

  • Analysis and the general legal framework of a data project;

  • Legal aspects of the data life cycle;

  • Implementing a policy applied to data;

  • The legal issues of data storage, security and retention;

  • The conditions for managing and sharing data (particularly in the context of databases);

  • Legal issues related to the architecture and processes of information systems [implementation of master data management (MDM) etc.]

  • Setting up data governance.

    The firm is also involved in monitoring and tracing legislation and regulations in France and Europe in these areas. 

The expertise of the DEROULEZ AVOCAT Law firm

While the increases in volumes of data exchanges are unprecedented, information law is under construction and is a cross-cutting issue requiring a combination of skills (public law, literary and artistic property, European law, private international law, etc.). 

As such, the firm has developed specific expertise thanks to its participation in numerous academic studies in this field or as part of monitoring the "data" projects of its clients.


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DEROULEZ AVOCAT was created by Jérôme Deroulez, a Lawyer at the Paris and Brussels Bars.

A former magistrate, Jérôme Deroulez has also served as an investigative judge. He was then in charge of European and international negotiations for the French Ministry of Justice. Counsel for the Permanent Representation of France in Brussels from 2009 to 2013, Jérôme Deroulez participated in the negotiations of European texts and international agreements in the field of personal data protection, private international law and judicial cooperation in penal matters. He has also acquired detailed knowledge of the French public administration.

Jérôme Deroulez has developed specific expertise in personal data law in France and Europe backed by his experience and practice. He accompanies clients in their compliance and data issues every day.

Jérôme Deroulez is a member of the Brussels and Paris Bar Legal Tech Incubators. He is also particularly involved in the Privacy Tech for which he is the general delegate. He is also a member of the French association of Data Protection Officers (AFCDP), the French Professional Group for BtoB Information and Knowledge (GFII) and the European Alliance for Artificial Intelligence (European Commission).

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