Law Firm serving as your Outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO)  

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) has a key role in data protection compliance under the GDPR.

Appointed on the basis of their professional qualities and specialized knowledge in data protection, the DPO's mission is to monitor compliance with the regulations and Information Technology and Civil Liberties law, and to inform and advise data controllers and their processors independently. 

The designation of the DPO is mandatory:

  • When the processing is carried out by a public authority or a public body;

  • When the core business of the data controller or processor consists in processing operations that require regular and systematic large-scale monitoring of the data subjects;

  • When the core business of the data controller or processor consists in large-scale processing of sensitive data and data on criminal convictions.

The GDPR also foresees the possibility of setting up an outsourced DPO: as such, over and above mere compliance, DEROULEZ AVOCAT supports its clients by providing the services of an outsourced data protection officer. 

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Why designate us as your outsourced DPO?

  • The assurance of having lawyers specialized in personal data law and uses;

  • The guarantee of having appropriate, agile and responsive legal counsel;

  • A law firm involved in the new technology ecosystem;

  • Ongoing support for comprehensive compliance;

  • Access to the law firm's Information Technology and Civil Liberties monitoring tools and documentation;

  • Support from a benchmark law firm in terms of training for the GDPR or setting up the DPO;

Because of its practice, the law firm assists companies, the public sector, local authorities, associations and other bodies with various types of organizations. To meet their needs, DEROULEZ AVOCAT has set up specific outsourced DPO systems designed to effectively support them.


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DEROULEZ AVOCAT was created by Jérôme Deroulez, a Lawyer at the Paris and Brussels Bars.

A former magistrate, Jérôme Deroulez has also served as an investigative judge. He was then in charge of European and international negotiations for the French Ministry of Justice. Counsel for the Permanent Representation of France in Brussels from 2009 to 2013, Jérôme Deroulez participated in the negotiations of European texts and international agreements in the field of personal data protection, private international law and judicial cooperation in penal matters. He has also acquired detailed knowledge of the French public administration.

Jérôme Deroulez has developed specific expertise in personal data law in France and Europe backed by his experience and practice. He accompanies clients in their compliance and data issues every day.

Jérôme Deroulez is a member of the Brussels and Paris Bar Legal Tech Incubators. He is also particularly involved in the Privacy Tech for which he is the general delegate. He is also a member of the French association of Data Protection Officers (AFCDP), the French Professional Group for BtoB Information and Knowledge (GFII) and the European Alliance for Artificial Intelligence (European Commission).

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