Personal data protection law - Information Technology and Civil Liberties 

Privacy and personal data protection law has developed radically since the Information Technology and Civil Liberties law of 1978, because of the superposition of the numerous legislative and regulatory texts and the growth in new information and communication technologies (cloud computing, blockchains, artificial intelligence, big data etc.). 

With recognized expertise in data and personal data law, the Firm is involved in every stage of its customers' data or personal data projects and implements the following tools:

  • Data processing audits;

  • Re-drafting of contractual documents and Information Technology and Civil Liberties endorsements to same;

  • Records Processing Register:

  • Impact study;

  • Designation of a Data Protection Officer (DPO) and monitoring of assignments;

  • Personal data protection policy

  • Information Technology and Civil Liberties Charter;

  • Transfers of personal data outside the European Union;

  • Re-drafting of the General Terms of Business / Terms of Service;

  • Labels and codes of conduct;

  • Supervision of the use of video surveillance and biometrics in the workplace;

  • Support in relations with the supervisory authorities (CNIL, G29, etc.);

  • Training of the legal department;

  • Business intelligence and documentation tools;

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DEROULEZ AVOCAT also supports its clients as counsel and in cases of litigation (assistance with inspections, assistance after receiving formal notices, penalties).

Finally, the firm is involved in many areas of personal data law, over and above GDPR compliance:

  • Digital criminal law

  • Due diligence and data protection compliance 

  • e-commerce law and contract law, to name but a few.

The Firm is at your disposal should you require any further information on its catalogue of services concerning Information Technology and Civil Liberties


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DEROULEZ AVOCAT was created by Jérôme Deroulez, a Lawyer at the Paris and Brussels Bars.

A former magistrate, Jérôme Deroulez has also served as an investigative judge. He was then in charge of European and international negotiations for the French Ministry of Justice. Counsel for the Permanent Representation of France in Brussels from 2009 to 2013, Jérôme Deroulez participated in the negotiations of European texts and international agreements in the field of personal data protection, private international law and judicial cooperation in penal matters. He has also acquired detailed knowledge of the French public administration.

Jérôme Deroulez has developed specific expertise in personal data law in France and Europe backed by his experience and practice. He accompanies clients in their compliance and data issues every day.

Jérôme Deroulez is a member of the Brussels and Paris Bar Legal Tech Incubators. He is also particularly involved in the Privacy Tech for which he is the general delegate. He is also a member of the French association of Data Protection Officers (AFCDP), the French Professional Group for BtoB Information and Knowledge (GFII) and the European Alliance for Artificial Intelligence (European Commission).

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